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//  Genre:  Classical
//  Years Active:  2016 - Present
//  Website:

Concerto for Frenemies

 It is the year 1784 and a flutist and oboist have been invited to perform at a celebration of Mozart’s music. The two Divas have prepared the same piece. They each try to upstage the other and prove their musical dominance. Will the Divas ever see eye to eye?

Latin American Vacation

A flutist and an oboist take their YouTube followers (the audience) with them on a trip as they explore Latin American music. Along the way the duo has to maneuver through tricky travel mishaps, cultural conflict, unfamiliar musical styles, and find their groove. 

Short Bio

A hybrid-arts ensemble, Floboe Productions Studio’s combines the creative ideas and musical abilities of James Brinkmann and Alli Gessner. FPS premiered their comedic, theatrical performance “Concerto for Frenemies” in 2017 in Chicago IL, and continues to present this show around the US. The duo continues to engage with new communities, aspiring to bring joy and excitement to audiences through their blending of classical music, storytelling, art, drama, comedy, and performance. Their second storytelling production, “Floboe’s Latin American Vacation” premieres in October 2019 on the Community School of Music and Arts’ Community Concert Series in Mountain View, CA


Upcoming Performances

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