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Concerto for Frenemies

Concerto for Frenemies is a fusion of classical music, theatre, and comedy.

It is the year 1784, and Concerto for Frenemies tells the story of a flutist and oboist who are invited to perform at a celebration of Mozart’s music. The two Divas have been rivals for years and happened to prepare the same piece. They each try to upstage the other and prove their musical dominance. Rivalry, impoliteness, short tempers, a little romance, and of course, Mozart’s music, reign supreme in this comedic classical music production. Will the Divas ever see eye to eye?


A typical classical music performance asks the audience to sit quietly during the music, but “Concerto for Frenemies” throws that rule out, and instead encourages the audience to interact throughout the show - even when the musicians are playing

Like many creative ideas, this production was dreamt up on a quiet evening. We were hanging out in the spring of 2016 and talking about Mozart’s oboe concerto in C and flute concerto in D. We started joking about what made it sound better on our respective instruments, and this led to the idea of turning the conversation into a skit. Little did we know then that a fully staged production would come to life.


Mozart was known for being funny and carefree. When considering if it was sacrilegious to turn one of his most well-known woodwind concertos into a comical musical-theatre production, we figured... he actually might tell us that we should do more with it!


With that in mind, it has been a hilarious adventure going outside of our classically-trained comfort zones writing an original script, acting while playing, and putting on costumes (wigs and all!). We are thrilled that you are joining us for this unique experience. We encourage you to participate throughout the performance. Smile, laugh, applaud, cheer, and roll your eyes at the ridiculousness of our outfits and characters. It is a joy for us to collaborate together, and we hope that you will have as much fun as we are having during the show!

- Your Frenemies Forever

Divo James and Diva Alli

Diva Alli, the oboist, is practically perfect, and the epitome of beauty and precision. Her fans adore her sophisticated, elegant musicianship, and radiating poise on stage.

Divo James, the flashiest flutist in the land, values all things grand and creative. His fans adore his passionate, musical playing, and charming confidence in concert.

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